AlgoSolis, a R&D facility dedicated to the development of sustainable microalgae industry

Microalgae appears nowadays as a bioresource of great interest. Their applications in nutrition, cosmetic and health-care are numerous and contribute to the growth of these markets, but their exploitation in the areas of energy, waste/CO2 valorisation, and green chemistry are also extremely promising for the future.

To meet the needs of industry and create the future industrial solutions, the GEPEA Laboratory (Joint Research Unit of the University of Nantes, CNRS, Oniris, EMN) developed the AlgoSolis R & D Facilty, belonging to the University of Nantes.

AlgoSolis provides scientific and technological environment for developing optimized strains, processes and methods for the industrial applications requesting mass-scale, controlled and efficient production of microalgae. In addition to the infrastructure and equipments provided by AlgoSolis, this facility appears as an accelerator of the entire microalgae industry. It allows different actors to develop research and innovation projects in the field of blue biotechnology and bioenergy: in other words, conduct R&D at the cutting edge of what is now an international competition-field.

Breakthrough technologies for microalgae culture and for algorefinery

Linking the research and industrial sectors

A tool for international collaborative networks

Pays de la Loire, a region of excellence for the development of microalgae industry