Infrastructure and equipments

A high-tech and flexible infrastructure with breakthrough technologies



AlgoSolis offers a complete infrastructure including culture and analysis rooms, biomass production areas (thermoregulated greenhouse, outdoor area), donwnstream processing unit for algal biomass harvesting and biorefinering.

AlgoSolis complements the facilities already available in the GEPEA laboratory (culture collection, analytics for biochemical characterization, lab-scale photobioreactors and down-scaled biorefining units for prelimary investigations and in-depth optimization of processes). In the end, AlgoSolis offers an environment dedicated to the realization of complete projects ranging from basic research to pre-industrial demonstration of applications based on microalgae exploitation.

AlgoSolis infrastructure

  • 1500m² of biomass production area (350m² in thermoregulated greenhouse) with over 20 independent lines of cultivation
  • Downstream processing R&D unit (240m²)
  • Rooms for microalgae pre-culture and laboratory for analysis (100m²)

AlgoSolis main features

  • 20 lines of biomass production equipped with various PBR technologies including newly patented technologies (CNRS-GEPEA)
  • Fully equipped downstream processing R&D unit (Evodos harvesting processes, membrane filtration, processes for cell disruption and metabolites extraction/fractioning)
  • All production-downstream processing units can be used individually or be connected to set a complete exploitation process
  • Global supervision and automation of the complete facilty
  • Possibility of medium recycling implantation

Examples of equipments available

Service « Screening of algae strains and metabolic optimization »

  • Strains portfolio for industrial use
  • Microplates for strains screening
  • Micromanipulators for strain purification
  • EOSS-Photobioreactor technbology for strains screening
  • Torus-shaped photobioreactor for culture conditions optimisation and metabolic engineering studies


Service « Biomass production »

  • Low-cost and low-energy consuming cultivation technologies such as covered raceways (10 to 100m²)
  • Intensified photobioreactors for high-cell density culture (AlgoFilm technology)
  • Airlift photobioreactors such as vertical and inclined flat panel photobioreactors
  • Integrated-buiding biofaçade for algal production


Service « Biorefining – Harvesting »

  • Systems for culture dewatering
  • Filtration and membrane separation processes
  • Cell disruption techniques
  • Processes for extraction and fractionation of microalgal biomass
  • Processes for microalgal biomass conditioning: spray-dryers, freezers